3 Most Important Online Biker Dating Tips: True Love Story

So I am one of a huge amount of Harley motorcycle rider who have successfully met their love of their life on one of those online biker dating sites. Considering that there are a tremendous amount of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who aspire to gain either friendship, relationship or partnership with the help of online motorcycle dating websites, I am honored to be invited by one of the most successful online motorcycle dating website: bikerdating.com to talk about my love story while giving some useful biker dating tips to optimize the chance of finding someone to share their Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with.

The number one online Harley dating tip that I would love to give is to spend time and energy on making a high quality profile page on the online motorcycle dating sites before rushing into the dating game. There are a huge amount of biker girls and biker guys who are so eager to mingle with the help of free motorcycle dating site that they barely put any effort in creating a good profile page to stand out form the others, which is also one of the main reasons why their social life on free motorcycle dating sites is not as active as the others. Thus, keep in mind that the very first step in finding love on motorcycle dating site is to make yourself stand out from other motorcycle women as well as motorcycle men.

Aside from an attractive profile page that will actually get you Harley guys and Harley girls that you are interested in, a developed conversational skill is of great importance too. Because the exchange of messages back and forth between the biker chicks and biker dude has a huge impact on the amount of fireworks they have once they meet each other in person. And if you are wondering how to impress your biker babes or motorcycle babes while chatting with him or her on free motorcycle dating websites, search online “biker dating tips”. The moment you type the key words in the searching bar, a slew amount of online biker dating tips related to online conversational skills will come up in no time.

Last but certainly not least, plan your first date.
I still recall my first date with my wife of four years now. before meeting each other in person, we have been chatting for more than 3 weeks, therefore we know each other enough to know the preferences as well as dislikes of my motorcycle babe. In order to show my respect to my women biker, I still asked her opinion of the venue and activity that she would like to do. There is another trip that will be of great use: come up with something interesting to talk about in advance to avoid to fall into an awkward silence with your motorcycle girls or motorcycle dudes.

Looking forward to other useful online biker dating rules that you need to know? Keep an close eye on the online biker dating website!

How to date a biker step by step

Dating online is becoming more and more famous for male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who want to seek their other half who also want to live a Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, dating online is not always an easy task for a huge number of biker girls as well as biker guys as there are many tricks that a tremendous number of biker man and biker women have no idea about. Thus in order to optimize the chance of having a successful dating with the compatible motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy, the online biker dating sites have invited one of the most famous expert who has been specializing in relationships between Harley motorcycle riders for more than a decade to talk about the most essential Harley dating tips for biker women as well as biker man.

First of all, be open and honest. There are a number of motorcycle girls as well as motorcycle guys who failed in motorcycle dating because they are not open and honest about themselves on the profile page on free motorcycle dating sites at first. It is totally understandable that you want to catch the eyes of your ideal motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes by creating a perfect image of yourself that sometimes is not always true. However, you will have to understand that it is a waste of time to please the biker chicks or biker dudes who don’t even appreciate yourself. And it is of great importance to know that the truth will eventually be revealed so no one can keep a lie without creating other ones.

Secondly, be creative. Now that you had created an authentic profile page and you will probably start meeting other like minded biker babes who are also looking for a partner. After getting a full list of matches, it is time to start your loving seeking journey. But don’t start with your conversation by saying a simple Hi or What is up, which can be easily ignored or over looked as your ideal biker babes probably have received thousands of similar massages like this. Thus, in order to catch the attention of your potential biker partner, it is strongly recommended to start a conversation by asking a question or some not so cheesy pick up line. For more information, just type the key words into GOOGLE and you will get a slew amount of related information within a few seconds.

Last but certainly not least, get a date! You are probably good at making a conversation, probably not, but the most important thing is to initiate a date to meet your potential man biker or female biker. Some biker lovers and motorcycle enthusiasts can get easily intimidated by the idea of meeting the one in person. However, getting yourself on the motorcycle dating site is all about getting yourself out of your comfort zone and pushing your boundaries further.

How to win your Harley biker back

As single Harley riders, as trill seekers who are always chasing after the speed riding on a Harley Davidson bike, motorcycle man and motorcycle women sometimes get themselves into complicated situations too. On biker dating sites where every Harley man and Harley women are in search of the love of their life who is also passionate about motorcycle riding, some success, while others will meet a few more obstacles. For those biker man or biker women who had their chance to have the special Harley rider of their life, some biker guys and biker girls will mess it up and regret when everything it’s done. Today our motorcycle dating websites will focus our attention on how to win the biker dude or biker chick back after you have broken his/her heart. Following are some biker dating tips on how to maximize your chance of reigniting the flame between you and your Harley girls or Harley guy.

Don’t rush it, and give him/her space.
The last thing as well as the least effective thing you can do to win the heart of your motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls back is knocking on his/her door non stop, sending millions of messages per day and not giving him/her a moment to breath. This kind of extreme approaches are not going to make thing back to the tract, instead, and most likely, push your beloved biker dude or biker chick even further away. The right thing to do is give your male Harley rider or female Harley rider some space will not only give him/her some time to think, but also shows that you are a man biker or women biker who’s not childlike. Here are a few essential points that you have to follow:

1.Don’t stalk him/her on social media and let your Harley guy or Harley girls get annoyed by your immature move.

2.When you see your motorcycle dude or motorcycle chicks during official occasions, don’t ignore your motorcycle babes intentionally, instead, be polite and greet him/her.

3.Figuring out the right amount of space which will keep you lingering in the mind of your biker babes but at the same time, leave him/her being curious about you.

And another crucial biker dating advice that you can’t ignore is that you have to keeo yourself busy and have a great time. Self-improvement is not only extremely significant when it comes to leading a prosperous life, but also makes it much easier to get back your ex biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend. Let your biker chick or motorcycle dude notice that you can still have fun and living a happy life if they’re not a part of your life anymore. It’s not just about putting on a show, but actually making your life much more meaningful, sometimes it surpasses beyond the point of saving a broken relationship, but also enter a new phase of life.

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What you need to know about the lies that women biker often tell

Whether biker man or biker women admits it or not, lies makes an essential part of our life, whether it’s trivial or affects major decisions. And whether motorcycle man and motorcycle women believes it or not, we lie more often to the important ones in our life than acquaintances or strangers. No matter what is your attitude towards lying to your another half-the special Harley man or Harley women who loves motorcycle riding and believes in Jesus, today we will talk about the lies that biker chicks often tell to biker dude and analyze the reason why they lie about it.

As we all know, the lies of motorcycle chicks range from working experience to personal values in life. In order to better understand this essential, as well as controversial part in a biker relationship, biker dating sites have invited 4 female Harley rider to share the lies that occur to their mind the most.

“My first job was actually a pole dancer in a bar, instead of a cashier in Walmart as what I told my biker guy. As a motorcycle rider who likes both motorcycle riding and Jesus, I grew up in a rather conservative family and so did my biker boyfriend. Even though I think there is nothing wrong being a pole dancer, but I really wouldn’t take any chances to ruin the relationship with my motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls by being honest about the stupid first working experience.”

“Harley guys love talking about sexual stuff. So does my biker gentleman. He once asked whether if I had a threesome, and without even a second thought, I said yes. The truth is I didn’t. Growing up in a christian family, I have always being a biker who likes biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus. No matter how conservative I actually am, I still want to be the most cool, initiative biker chick that he’s ever met. Therefore I lied.”

“My beauty is not natural. At the first date, my motorcycle guy has complemented my cute face and hot body non stop. When he said ‘I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be able to sit with a natural beauty here!’ I felt guilty, but I didn’t tell him that it actually took a lot of painful plastic surgery to get what I have now. And i am still not going to tell him the truth. I mean, what bad is it gonna cause?”

“ By saying had 3 ex biker boyfriend, I meant 13. I mean there’s no good for my biker lady or biker girlfriend to know that I’ve had so many romantic experiences with other Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, when all what matters is that I’ve found my one and only Harley girl or Harley guy right?”

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Top reasons why you should date a biker man or girl

Man and Woman riding on vintage motorcyle

If you are not a biker and wonder why male or female riders are attractive to other people, you should read the following information about why people love date a biker. If you are a biker, you should know more about your advantage. Yes, advantages.

1.The cultural backgrounds that bikers like riding out give them a spirit of adventure.

Biker women and men own preferred method for short motorcycle travel or long riding tour, it is about planing a riding with some riding buddies. As a office worker or city white-collar, you did never enjoy the experience of riding on the beach, mountains or desert. Your biker boyfriend will make your life full of surprise when he invite you to his camping tent after a day of a good riding. No hotel, but passionate camping.

2. Motorcyce guys and ladies are always opening to new things.

Most motorcycle riders like to ride out with new people they meet in local motorcycle clubs or online social site. If you marry a biker, you will get more friends who can share their riding style or roads with you. You are never going to try any new world of your biker girlfriend.

3. Veteran biker men and women can fix or customize motorcycle by themselves.

If you are a biker girl with your own motorcycle, you will always encounter a problem that your motorbike is broken and need fixed. You have to go on foot to look for a mechanic store. It was a traumatic experience. Call your biker boy, and he will help fix your bike. Some times, you may want to get a new motorcycle, but you have another choice. You biker man can help you customize your bike and give you a new one.

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Why biker women like to hook up with men with motorcycle as well?

biker05We can see just a few biker women who like to take a man as her motorcycle passenger on the road. Women on motorcycle love two kinds of men who should be a motorcycle driver. Biker ladies do not ride so much than male riders, so they expect biker guys can share their riding experiences and roads with them.  Women like some men who can ride as a guide, so you had better be similar with your local roads and motorcycle clubs when you plan to invite a women riding motorcycle to ride out with you. For no-biker men, you need to buy a new motorcycle and get a motorcycle driving license first if you fall in love with a girl who love motorcycle lifestyle.

Biker girls are taking active part in motorcycle social activities such as biker meeting, motorcycle rallies, bike events and even some riding parties which is an important factor of biker culture. You will know understand those behaviours or habits. Some biker women are so much pain, because their husbands are not able to know what they are thinking and doing. Some riders have no choice by stopping the relationship with a no-biker partner. You can see many divorced biker women and men on the biker dating site HarleyDatingSite.net are looking to meet bikers only since a marriage is based on the sharing the same interests and faith. It is very important.

Now, you have known why biker girls wanna date a man riding motorcycle, too. The next problem may be where and how to date a biker girl? If yes, the best answer is to join biker dating sites online and get good connected with thousands of motorcycle riders in your area. HarleyDatingSite.net is the partner site of our Biker Women dating website, you can use your account to log in both sites and search out the same users in your city. We partnered with this site is for one reason that most biker women like to date with a Harley guy. Why? If you are a man with a Harley motorcycle, please help answer it. Thanks!


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