My Love Story with My Biker Girl Begins on BikerorNot

Hey, my dear biker man and biker women, let me introduce myself first. My name is Jean and I have been riding Harley Davidson bike for more than 10 years. As for motorcycle riding, I can be proudly considered as a veteran motorcycle man. But when it comes to my love life, I encountered way more hurdles than I expected. As I used to hang out with the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys, I was always friend zoned by many of the Harley women I know and it was nearly impossible to take things to the next level. Having been single for ages, one of my motorcycle friends recommended me to the famous online biker riding site and it was then where my love story started.

It was in 2009 where biker dating sites just came to the fore, and I absolutely had no idea where to start and how to start my journey in search of my motorcycle chick. Luckily, it was my friend Lucy, a hot biker babe and a mother of two who has found her biker dude on, who has guided me step by step during the very first stage.

How do I create my profile page in order to stand out from the rest biker girls and biker guys? I had no idea at first. However, thanks to the expert of the skilled female Harley rider Lucy, I started to catch more and more attentions from tons of hot motorcycle babe by using defined lines and interesting stories. One day, a women Harley rider named Grace sent me a message first, which is not something you’d experience everyday since “Play hard to get” is the rule that almost every Harley girl is applying to the free Harley dating website.

But a motorcycle lady who is not afraid to make the first move? No, you gotta seize the chance! And naturally, the flow of conversation just went on and on to a point where both of us were getting obsessed with chatting with each other. Finally, I decided it was time to meet the fine biker chick in person since I was ready to take things from online flirting buddy to the next level.

As we both love Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, I initiated to have a bike riding date instead of the old cliche of expensive restaurant and cheesy movie for the first date. We were riding on our giant motorcycle while chasing sunset on a remote valley in Ohio. Heart beats, excitement, uncertainty as well as the colorful sky all made our first date memorable and unique. If you are a biker enthusiast who is looking for your own motorcycle dude or motorcycle chick, don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone by taking him or her out to a motorcycle featured date.

And yea, the Harley chick is definitely the one for me, and it was who has brought her to me. is the first biker women dating website

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