What you need to know about the lies that women biker often tell

Whether biker man or biker women admits it or not, lies makes an essential part of our life, whether it’s trivial or affects major decisions. And whether motorcycle man and motorcycle women believes it or not, we lie more often to the important ones in our life than acquaintances or strangers. No matter what is your attitude towards lying to your another half-the special Harley man or Harley women who loves motorcycle riding and believes in Jesus, today we will talk about the lies that biker chicks often tell to biker dude and analyze the reason why they lie about it.

As we all know, the lies of motorcycle chicks range from working experience to personal values in life. In order to better understand this essential, as well as controversial part in a biker relationship, biker dating sites have invited 4 female Harley rider to share the lies that occur to their mind the most.

“My first job was actually a pole dancer in a bar, instead of a cashier in Walmart as what I told my biker guy. As a motorcycle rider who likes both motorcycle riding and Jesus, I grew up in a rather conservative family and so did my biker boyfriend. Even though I think there is nothing wrong being a pole dancer, but I really wouldn’t take any chances to ruin the relationship with my motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls by being honest about the stupid first working experience.”

“Harley guys love talking about sexual stuff. So does my biker gentleman. He once asked whether if I had a threesome, and without even a second thought, I said yes. The truth is I didn’t. Growing up in a christian family, I have always being a biker who likes biker lifestyle and believe in Jesus. No matter how conservative I actually am, I still want to be the most cool, initiative biker chick that he’s ever met. Therefore I lied.”

“My beauty is not natural. At the first date, my motorcycle guy has complemented my cute face and hot body non stop. When he said ‘I can’t believe I am lucky enough to be able to sit with a natural beauty here!’ I felt guilty, but I didn’t tell him that it actually took a lot of painful plastic surgery to get what I have now. And i am still not going to tell him the truth. I mean, what bad is it gonna cause?”

“ By saying had 3 ex biker boyfriend, I meant 13. I mean there’s no good for my biker lady or biker girlfriend to know that I’ve had so many romantic experiences with other Harley motorcycle enthusiasts, when all what matters is that I’ve found my one and only Harley girl or Harley guy right?”

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